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The Exotic Taste And Aroma Of Raw Sona Masoori Non Basmati Rice

Posted by Admin on July, 18, 2020

A type of Indian white rice, Sona masuri is a medium-grain, aromatic rice that is lightweight and low in starch, which is mostly grown in the areas of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in India. Sona masuri is a healthy choice of rice, typically used in dishes such as sweet pongal, biryani, idlis, and fried rice. Sona masuri is the most commonly used rice in India.

A brief description about raw sona masoori rice-

This rice is mainly grown in Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana. It is exported to USA, Canada, Singapore, and the Middle East countries like U.A.E, Saudi Arabia. They are lightweight and aromatic in nature.

• Cultivation of sonamasoori rice: In Andhra Pradesh, it is cultivated under irrigated and small rain fed condition. It is irrigated mainly in Kharif season. Depending on the climatic condition and irrigation facility sona rice also grown during the Rabi and summer season.

• Season of sowing: A nursery can grow without pest or disease attack in first or second week of June as good rains will come through “southwest monsoon”.

• Cropping pattern: If there is plenty of water, two crops of rice can be taken up.

• How to cook Sona rice: This rice is evolved from two popular rice varieties i.e.sona and Mahsuri. Both the varieties are high yielding. Sona is a super fine grain which has the problem of threshing. Mahusri is a medium tall short grain. It is highly nitrogen-responsive.

It is definitely healthier than the basmati rice; as it is unpolished, thus retains more nutrients. Let us dig more into its nutritional information:

Calories: Evaluating your calorie intake is critical for weight maintenance and long-term health. A 45-gram serving of dry sona masoori rice is equivalent to about 1 cup of cooked rice, which contains 160 calories.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are a crucial nutrient, and deliver most of your caloric intake. They feed your body with energy and stimulate the proper functioning of your heart, brain, liver, and kidneys. Most the calories in the sona masoori rice come from its carbohydrate content. But it does not contain any fiber.

Protein: The protein in the rice does not offer all the vital amino acids, making it an incomplete source of protein. Though, if you eat a balanced diet that includes other grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans, you should meet your essential amino acid needs. Sona masoori rice does provide some proteins.

Fat and Sodium: High intakes of both fat and sodium can lead to a higher risk of developing heart disease. The good news is that Sona masoori rice is both fat-free and sodium-free.

Attributes of a high-quality sonamasoori rice-

• Long grain
• Free from impurities
• Unadulterated
• Delectable
• Rightly aged
• Fine texture
• Easy to cook and Long shelf life

India dominates the world in the production of rice. Following noticeable facts are to be taken into consideration by the raw sona masoori non basmati rice suppliers to maintain their position in the rice market:

• The rice should be procured from the reliable sources to ensure the supreme grade supply.
• The exporters should deal with the manufacturers who keep on enhancing the milling and aging techniques to give the best results.
• The Indian exporters should maintain good hygiene standards; offer best affordable prices and timely deliveries, to ensure client satisfaction.
• A dexterous team of workers can manage the storage and transit well.
• Warehousing is a crucial aspect that should not be ignored. It should be hygienic and maintain a suitable temperature that should procure the quality of the basmati rice.
• The raw sona masoori non basmati rice exporters should keep on inventing and upgrading the packaging techniques to avoid mishandling during storage and transit.

Thus, it would not be wrong to state that the sona masuri rice exporters in India have placed themselves in the upper echelons of the commodity industry with their reliable export services.

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